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  • Does my child need to be potty trained to attend your preschool? We do not require the children in the T/Th or M/W/F classes to be potty trained. We will support these kiddos and their families wherever they are at in the potty training process. However, because we only have 2 teachers in the Pre-K class, in order to maintain teacher-child ratios and work on Kindergarten readiness, the children in this class must be potty trained.
  • What is your teacher-child ratio? Our ratio is 1:7 and our maximum class size is 15 children.
  • When is tuition due? Tuition is due on the 15th of the month. Our office manager will send you a monthly invoice with your amount due.
  • Do you follow the BVSD schedule? Yes, with some exceptions. We start our school year a bit later than they do, but we end our year at the same time as them. We take all of their big breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks) and some of their holidays (Labor Day, MLK Day, President’s Day). We take a few of their in-service days as work days for our teachers, and also have some of our own for parent-teacher conferences in the fall and spring. If BVSD closes for inclement weather, we do as well.
  • How often do you take the kids outside? We go outside every day, unless it is below 28° or very rainy, snowy, windy, etc. If this is the case, teachers will lead gross motor activities inside.
  • Are you a nut-sensitive school? Yes! We always seem to have a few students with severe nut allergies, so we ask that you not bring any food items containing nuts into our school. Food items that are processed in a facility that uses nuts are acceptable.
  • How is Louisville United Methodist Church (LUMC) involved in your preschool? LUMC owns our building and has an Advisory Committee that oversees Jefferson Street Preschool. They are not involved in day to day operations, but we report to them quarterly. There is no Christian curriculum, but we do celebrate holidays. We make an effort to acknowledge all holidays that are celebrated by families in our community, especially during the winter months.