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Since we are a non-profit preschool, fundraising is an important part of our program. There are a few fundraisers that are ongoing throughout the year:

  1. Bunny Bucks: Whenever you shop at Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe, please tell the cashier that you would like to donate your Bunny Bucks to Jefferson Street Preschool. We will receive an annual credit worth 5% of your pretax purchases!
  2. iGive: iGive is a website where you can access more than 1900 online stores. Just go to the iGive website and join. Type “Jefferson Street Preschool” in the basic search, and then click on our name and follow the prompts to start shopping. We receive a percentage of each of your purchases! Use the iGive app or button to make your shopping even easier!
  3. MightyNest: To get started, simply join our school fundraiser and then choose your membership type. The most popular membership is the MightyFix. For $10/month you’ll receive one amazing product each month that helps your family live healthier and greener while earning $1 each month for our school. The product is always worth more than $10 retail, ships free and you also get free shipping on anything else you add to your MightyFix. New members who sign up for the annual MightyFix subscription earn an extra $8 for our school during the first year, for a total of $20 to our school! Other membership options include healthy body care, natural feminine care, and home essentials. Please check it out!
  4. Scholastic Reading Club: Scholastic flyers are placed in our students’ cubbies every month. When you order from Scholastic, we earn points to buy books and materials for our classroom. The more you order, the more we get to buy, and when you order online, we receive even more points!
  5. Direct Donations: If you have preschool-age toys, clothes, shoes or other materials that you are carting off to Goodwill or the like, please consider donating them to us instead! Some of the best things in our classroom have come from our wonderful families. You can also donate money directly to the school and receive a tax credit!