Our sincere apologies for our appearance, but our website is in the process of being rebuilt. All of the information on our site is correct and current, except for our calendars, which will be updated soon. Please contact us at info@jeffersonstreetpreschool.com with any questions you may have about the 2020-2021 school year!

A Note From Our Director:

Welcome to Jefferson Street Preschool! At JSP, the staff and I love what we do because we believe that early childhood is an essential and special time in a person’s development. The preschool years are not only when children build their academic foundation, but their social foundation as well. I want your child’s preschool years to be filled with fun, growth, happiness and positive relationships with their peers and teachers, and I also want your child to leave JSP a confident individual who loves to learn. It is important to me that our preschool is a healthy and safe environment that supports all of the wonderful experiences that take place in it. These are my commitments to you as a director and a teacher. Please take a look around our website and contact us with any questions you have. We would love to see if our preschool community is a good fit for you and your child!
– Bree Schaffer Pacheco